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Full livery

Abbeyfields full livery service covers all aspects daily horse care, 7 days per week, including bank holidays and the following;

AM Feed given (Hard feed not included in price)

Daily turnout or horse walker - Rugs changed, turn out, fetch in, feet picked out and rugs changed again.

Muck out - Mucked out thoroughly every morning & have big clean straw beds. Automatic drinkers checked & cleaned if necessary. Large haylage nets tied up that are never left empty when horses are in their stable. Haylage and straw are included in the livery price.

Mid day feed given if required.

PM skip out & bed tidy, Haylage net filled for the night, waters checked, any other necessary requirements for bedtime.

PM feed given around 5pm.

Abbeyfields Full livery price is £112.00 per week.

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